how property valuer works in Melbourne?

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What is residential Property Valuations and who implements it?

The property valuations service provided by ASRA is satisfactory.  property valuation Melbourne has different needs of tenants. The Service delivery is sensitive to the needs of Asian, in particular, elderly Asian tenants living in sheltered housing. The association, however, needs to introduce satisfaction testing of services to ensure service delivery is equitable and can be altered to meet people’s specific needs. The association also needs to explore how it is to deliver services in a sensitive way, meeting the needs of its changing tenant profile in relation to vulnerability and ethnicity.

The association is developing a new Equalities and Diversity Strategy to conform with the requirements of the Regulatory Code which will go the Board in March 2003. It is therefore difficult for the association to demonstrate that it is meeting the requirement of the Regulatory Code in demonstrating an equitable approach to the rights and responsibilities of all individuals

AASRA is planning to carry out testing of satisfaction with its services to assess whether BME tenant satisfaction with its services is as high as non-BME groups, as expected under the Regulatory Guidance, once baseline data is available. Very few tenants are routinely consulted about the type of service they wish to receive. The Tenants Forum does not appear to be representative in terms of age, gender, and ethnic group. ASRA as part of its continuous improvement programme will be reviewing customer care and complaints handling. It is planned to include focus groups with tenants who have complained. The use of free phone service for repairs is being investigated. There is already a dedicated number for reporting repairs.


A specific challenge to the association is the large geographical spread of homes. There are nearly 1500 general needs homes in 25 boroughs in and to the west of London. This has required officers from different teams covering other teams’ roles on pre-planned visits as far as possible. For example, property valuation Perth – a technical officer on a pre-planned visit may discuss housing benefit issues with the tenant visited. Some boroughs only have sheltered or special needs stock. All complaints are logged by the complaints co-ordinator who then tracks the complaint.