There was a note of caution in some regions, in the East Midlands, for example, builders felt a little more cautious about what 2003 would bring, with 42% expecting work to decline, compared to 28% who expected it to grow.

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Before deciding on the moving company, it is important that you invite moving quotes from at least five different vendors so that it becomes easier for you to decide which company would be good for the job. Supply cannot meet demand and consequently, the growth of the ‘legitimate’ construction firms is severely hampered. Lack of labor means builders cannot take on additional work as they are at full capacity.

It can also mean longer waiting times for customers and may force business into the hands of illegal cowboy builders who may be untrained, unsafe and whose work may not be of the required quality leaving consumers to pick up the pieces when all goes wrong. The last quarter of 2002 once again saw the construction boom continue to be driven by private domestic work. We welcome, for example, the Government’s plans to offer youngsters the opportunity to learn vocational skills via a more flexible national curriculum. The FMB provides homeowners with advice on dealing with builders, contracts, warranty schemes and finding the right builder. This was a tremendous opportunity for smaller builders in the South West to express their views on the important issue of CIS reform.

 The location of a new hub airport in the Thames estuary, eventually replacing Heathrow, will reduce the environmental and social disbenefits presently experienced due to Heathrow’s close proximity to London. It accepts that there is strong local demand for expansion of Birmingham International Airport, but recognizes the considerable environmental impacts of either runway option because of their serious noise impact; it sees the arguments here as finely balanced. The TCPA does not favor development of a new three-runway international airport near Rugby because of environmental impacts.